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Marketing has changed, and businesses of all sizes and from all industries need to keep adapting their strategy in order to ensure their marketing efforts are effective and their businesses continue to thrive. In recent years, blogging has become one of the most valuable tools in marketers’ kits. Yet, many businesses are oblivious to how much value it can add, and have yet to get to grips with blogging for their business.

The new age consumer

Thinking back to a world before Facebook, Twitter, even the internet, consumer behaviour has changed dramatically. The internet and the explosion of social media means we as consumers now have access to mountains of information at our fingertips. Amongst all of this information, we are exposed to thousands of marketing messages every single day.

We’re only human, so it wouldn’t be possible for us to take all of these messages on board, even if we wanted to. So, we have instinctively learned to filter the messages, meaning we only tune in to those which we deem to be relevant to us and in some way provide us with value.

That means, out of the thousands of marketing messages we’re exposed to every day, only a very small fraction gets our attention and seeps through. The rest are filtered out.

The cut through challenge

So what does this new age consumer mean for business owners and marketers?

Well, the internet has given us a world of opportunities, but it has also thrown us a few curve balls such as this. It means that traditional marketing methods simply aren’t as effective as they once were, as anyone who’s been in business for a long time will tell you. So how do we get cut through amongst the noise of a daily barrage of marketing messages?

Old school advertising and marketing methods still have their place, but any smart business owner or savvy marketer will have changed their tack and adapted the way they communicate with their target customers.

Blogging, and other content marketing techniques, are now some of the most effective ways to get into the mind set of our target audience.

The honey trap blog

When we want to find something about, well, pretty much anything, we Google it. That’s the way of the world today. The fact that Google and the other search engines love high quality, fresh content, means good blog content will rank highly in the search engines, driving traffic to your website through the content on your blog.

If you can produce the type of content your target audience is actively seeking out, your blog will attract them in, and a honey trap blog is born.

Connecting and converting

When they land on your blog, it may be the first connection you make with your target market, but if the content is relevant, interesting, and valuable to your readers then it probably won’t be the last time they visit. Continue to produce the content they want, and you’ll build a relationship with them through your blog, and you’ll earn their trust.

This is the key to successful blogging for your business. Add value, build relationships, earn trust, and you’ll get loyal followers, generate strong sales leads and ultimately gain new customers.

In a nutshell…

Valuable content marketing quote


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