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Facebook Dislike for business

Facebook have recently told marketers to expect a drop in organic traffic according to CNet. An anonymous source has told Valleywag to expect a drop to 1-2% – that’s huge for some Facebook Pages!

It’s a trend we’ve been seeing for a while now, but 1-2% will be difficult to stomach for any business.

And if you think that’s bad, Ogilvy are predicting ‘Facebook Zero‘ – a time when business Pages will have no organic reach at all – everything will have to be paid for. Gulp!

Bad news for businesses on Facebook

So there are two scenarios predicted here:

1. Facebook organic reach becomes minimal

2. Facebook organic reach becomes non-existent.

It’s pretty stark when you put it as bluntly as that, but there is little or no evidence to suggest one or other of these scenarios won’t come to fruition.

How Should Your Facebook Business Page Adapt to the Latest Changes?

Primarily, make the most of the time  that’s left, and prepare for what’s to come:

– Engage as much as you can, encourage visits to your Facebook Page…make hay!

– Test everything – different times of day, different formats, different copy. Now is the time to learn what works, so don’t leave it until it’s too late.

– Make the most of your Facebook Insights. Remember, these stats don’t only tell YOU what works best, but they tell the powers that be in Facebook what works best, so get rid of the ‘dead wood’, and make good on what works. It’ll end up being much more cost effective if you have to pay for the pleasure.

– Cut out the crap! Make sure your posts are relevant and timely – don’t miss the boat by wasting time on anything that doesn’t add value.

– Take advantage of hashtags – Facebook brought them in last year. If you don’t know how to use them yet, it’s time to learn. And please, please, avoid hashtag stuffing!

Above all, whatever Facebook does or does not do when it comes to organic reach, its the value you give to your audience that counts. Mashable, one of the leading sources for internet news, have quoted Facebook’s Director of Communications, Brandon McCormick as follows:

“I think we’ve always been clear with advertisers that our main focus, especially when it comes to News Feed, is the experience that people have.”

Therefore, I stand by the 3 golden rules which you should abide by in all your content, be it for Facebook, Twitter, your Blog, or pretty much anything online:

1. Does it solve a problem?
2. Does it entertain?
3. Does it inform?

If not, stop! Don’t just post for the sake of posting – you’ll make things worse for yourself as a lack of interaction from your audience will tell Facebook your material just isn’t relevant.

No matter what you publish online, whether you want to drive traffic to your site or increase your brand awareness, make sure everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, ticks one of these 3 golden rule boxes. If not, forget about it, It’s the way the search engine are going, it’s the way the social networks are going. And it’s exactly what the consumers want – let’s just hope the big players can get their algorithms right on this one!

What’s your thoughts?

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