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Hashtag Funny Image

A little something to brighten up the day. Kick back with a coffee and have a giggle at some of the funnier images about social media I’ve collected.

Beware the perils of checking in with Foursquare

Batman Check-in Humour

Harry Potter Check-in Humour

When brands have a personality on Twitter – whether they’re genuine Tweets or not, Domino’s, Oreo and Taco Bell having a bit of a laugh

Dominoes Pizza Funny Tweet

Taco Bell Twitter Humour

Oreo Cookies Twitter Humour

We all know people like this, alas

Funny Social Media Quote Funny sign about Tweeting

Funny Facebook Image Wizard of Oz

General Facebook wit

Funny Facebook Picture   Funny Facebook Quote   Funny Facebook Sign

My personal favourite – Hashtag humour!

Hashtag Funny Image

It may not be as funny, but quite clever so deserves to be included – TGIF

TGIF - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook

And finally..not so much social media humour, as just plain funny!

Computer wit

Wifi Humour

Funny blackboard   Funny Font Image

I can’t take credit for any of the images, I just found them around the web, so thanks to those who created or shared them, including So Much Pun, The Meta PictureAgent-X and Jessica Northey.

Author: Aine Bermingham, Digital Marketing Specialist, Ireland, Northern Ireland and UK.

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