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Facebook profile or business Page

Businesses of all sizes and from every industry can be found on Facebook now, with 25 million active small business Pages on the site. But how many businesses are still using personal profiles instead of, or as well as a business Page?

We all know they’re still out there, but it’s a dangerous game to play.

Facebook profile or business Page

Here’s why you need a Facebook business Page

1. It’s in the Facebook rules & failure to comply could result in your profile being deleted

“It’s a violation of our terms to use a personal account to represent something other than yourself (ex: your business)” – Facebook

This should be warning enough, but if not read on.

2. It’s professional

Facebook users know the difference, and they expect businesses to have an official business Page. Using a personal profile for your business is simply unprofessional and can be seen as intrusive by your customers and potential customers. This can alienate the very people you want to connect with as they don’t want to give you access to the information they share with their friends, and they don’t want to be contacted directly by your business.

3. It gives you access to important Facebook Insights

If you want to know more about your audience, how your posts are performing, what works best for your audience, and when to post, you need a business Page.

4. It gives you greater potential reach

A personal profile is limited to 5,000 friends. You can have a limitless number of Likes on a business Page. If you’re still using a personal profile, you’ll also probably have noticed Facebook will block you for sending too many friend requests.

5. It gives you more functionality

The ability to add extra pages (aka Tabs), and use the Facebook Offers function for example. You can also run contests without breaking the rules.

6. It gives you access to Facebook advertising

Don’t dismiss this one, even if you have a shoestring budget. They can be low cost and very targeted. Used correctly, they can give a good return.

7. You can allocate designated admin roles

This allows you to have more than one person managing the Page without having to share your login details with them. You can also give different levels of access to each admin, dependent on what you want them to do, making it less risky.

8. You can schedule your content

This can be invaluable! You may learn from your insights and your own testing that a Sunday evening at 7pm is the best time for you to put up a post. You can schedule this post during the week, rather than having to actually login at 7pm on Sunday to put it up manually.

9. You can link to Facebook places & allow check-in

Great for your customers, and great for you. When someone checks in, this is shared with their friends, so your business gets free promotion every time.

10. Potential SEO benefits

Facebook Pages can rank very highly in search engines such as Google. You can help this by using keywords.

Some businesses will still be wary of changing over to a business Page as they’re afraid of losing all the ‘friends’ they’ve built up. This doesn’t have to happen. You can change your personal profile over to a business Page and your ‘friends’ will become ‘Likes’, so you’ll bring your audience with you.

If you’d like more help with the switch over get in touch – I’ll be happy to help.

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