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2014 Twitter fails

Twitter is a notoriously unforgiving landscape for mistakes, errors of judgement, or downright stupidity – those 140 character or less faux pas we’ve come to know as the #TwitterFail. You tweet at your own risk, and when you get it wrong you better hope nobody’s watching, because when the masses latch on to a Twitter gaffe, you could be in for a bumpy ride.

It’s not just the retaliation you may face on Twitter itself; every news organisation from the BBC to CNN, the Guardian to the New York Times have run stories featuring Twitter fails, so what happens on Twitter certainly doesn’t stay on Twitter.

2014 has given us a plethora of Twitter fails to laugh at, cringe over and vent our Twitter rage. From celebrities to big brands, law enforcers to charities, small businesses to the media… here’s a look back at the best (or is that the worst?) Twitter fails of 2014.


RTE’s ‘cure the gays’ crisis

The Irish media giant, RTE, started off the year with what appeared to be a blatantly homophobic tweet posted from one of its radio shows’ accounts (@TheGodSlot), asking if gays could be cured. Unsurprisingly, they were met with outrage from the Irish Twitter masses. A full scale Twitter battle ensued. RTE tried to defend the tweet, which was a promo for their upcoming show discussing the matter, and they got aggressive with the Twitter hordes baying for blood. The exchanges were priceless – a real lesson in how not to deal with a social media crisis. Eventually, the tweet was deleted and an apology was issued.

RTE Twitter Fail The God Slot Tweet

RTE Deleted Tweets

RTE The God Slot Need Social Media TrainingRTE God Slot Fascism Tweet

Twitter backlash Cartoon digging a hole

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Mastercard’s #PricelessSurprises

Mastercard’s PR gurus got it unbelievably wrong when they basically tried to bribe the press into promoting the brand as sponsors of the Brit Awards, and supplied them with drafted tweets to post. This was apparently the only way they would get press accreditation for the event.

The tactic backfired, with the media using Mastercard’s hashtag #PricelessSurprises to show the brand and their PR company what they thought of being told what to tweet.

pricelesssurprises- social-media-fail-tweet

pricelesssurprises-tweet- twitter-fail-2014

And in true Paddy Power Twitter style…

Paddy Power pokes fun at Mastercard Twitter

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Louise Mensch gets confused

The author and former UK MP, Louise Mensch, tweeted about the British Muslims she respected in February, after the verdict was delivered in the Lee Rigby murder trial. The problem was, one of these respectable ‘Muslims’, Sunny Hundal, is in fact Sikh.

Louise Mensch Twitter Fail

Mensch has had a few other Twitter gaffes, as reported by Huffington Post – well worth a read.

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The Colbert Report gets racist

American comedian and talk show host, Stephen Colbert came under fire in March following a seemingly racist tweet from the official account of his talk show, The Colbert Report.

The tweet prompted the hashtag #CancelColbert, which quickly trended as people called for the show to be axed as a result of the tweet.

The tweet was apparently intended to poke fun at racism following the decision of the Washington Redskins owner not to change the team’s ‘racist’ name. Comedy Central confirmed that Colbert himself had nothing to do with the tweet, claiming the account is completely separate and handled by the network.



Suey Park tweets #CancelColbert










Stephen Colbert Twitter Fail Defense

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US Airways’ filth

US Airways tweeted a disgruntled passenger back in April, and mistakenly included a very graphic picture of a naked woman with a toy plane where a plane was never intended to fly. Not the best way to handle a customer complaint! The airline apologised, claiming the error occurred whilst they were trying to flag the image as inappropriate.

US Airways graphic tweet

And the Twitter responses were as amusing as they were vulgar…

Funny tweet about US Airways Twitter fail Funny tweet in response to US Airways Twitter gaffe

Social media response to US Airways tweet

I won’t be posting the uncensored image here, but if you really want to see it, Google it.

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The boys in black and blue – #myNYPD

Hashtag hijacking is nothing new, with brands such as McDonald’s (#McDStories & #RonaldMcDonald) and JP Morgan Chase (#AskJPM) having suffered at the hands of hijackers in the past. In April, The New York Police Department saw their campaign hashtag, #myNYPD overtaken by negativity. They asked people to share photos of themselves with their officers using #myNYPD. What they didn’t expect was the barrage of images depicting police brutality that followed.

#mynypd Twitter campaign

Twitter images #myNYPD PR crisis #myNYPD Twitter backlash  Twitter fail #myNYPD

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PayPal exec on the rocks

PayPal Exec, Rakesh ‘Rocky’ Agrawal learned the hard way that ‘drunk tweeting’ is a practice to be avoided. He was out drinking in New Orleans at a jazz festival when he started tweeting abusive and sometimes incoherent tweets. The strange tweets continued over the course of a weekend, with some concerned for Agrawal’s mental well being.

PayPal’s response suggested that Agrawal had been sacked, although he told Business Insider that he had resigned from the company before his Twitter meltdown began.

Paypal executive Rakesh Agrawal insults coworkers on twitternn Rakesh Agrawal tweets get personal


Rakesh Agrawal Twitter apology

Paypal response to execs social media meltdown

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Ann Coulter’s a laughing stock

American conservative pundit Ann Coulter was guilty of a serious judgement error in May, when she mocked the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls. The hashtag was of course the world’s response to the kidnap of 276 schoolgirls in Nigeria.

Michelle Obama was among the high profile tweeters backing the hashtag, and Coulter’s response appears to be as much a dig at the first lady’s action as anything else. The Twitter world turned her mockery on its head, and soon Coulter was the butt of the jokes, with several memes of her photo popping up across Twitter.

Michelle Obama #BringBackOurGirls Tweet

Ann Coulter mocks Michelle Obama on Twitter Ann Coulter Twitter backlash  Response to Ann Coulter Twitter mocking Ann Coulter seeks Twitter attention

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JK Rowling – what a bitch!

Scottish based charity, The Dignity Project, tweeted a less than dignified insult about Harry Potter author JK Rowling after it emerged she had donated £1m to the pro-Union campaign, Better Together, prior to the Scottish independence referendum.

Charity calls JK Rowling bitch on Twitter

The tweet received criticism from both sides of the referendum camp, and The Dignity Project quickly attempted to distance itself from the tweet, blaming a hacker.

Dignity Project disclaimer following Twitter fail

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The Bonneville’s in poor taste

A new bar in London’s Hackney opened in June, but the opening night was cut short when the victim of a stabbing made his way into the bar. The attitude shown by the bar on Twitter left them wide open for criticism, as they were clearly more concerned about how the night’s events effected their image than they were about the stabbing victim.

The Bonneville bar London Twitter fail

Twitter fail Bonneville bar UK  Response to Bonneville tweets after stabbing Twitter backlash after UK bar social media fail

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Insensitivity is the new black

Orange is the New Black actor Jason Biggs took to Twitter in July to joke about the Malaysian Airlines disaster which saw almost 300 people lose their lives when a plane crashed in Ukraine. Biggs offered to sell his air miles, and Twitter lashed out at his insensitivity. At first, he defended himself and hit back, but later apologised and deleted the offending tweets.

Jason Biggs Malaysian Airlines Tweet Jul 2014

Jason Biggs defends tweets about Malaysian Airlinesjasonbiggs-twitter-apology

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NYPD Blues

The NYPD were back in the Twitter spotlight in July when Captain Thomas Harnisch sarcastically quipped about the death of a woman who fell onto the subway tracks when using her iPad. “Let me guess, driver’s fault right?” tweeted Harnisch, including a link to the story of the woman’s death. The tweet was directed at street safety advocate group TransAlt and Keegan Stephan of Right of Way NYC. Keegan quickly replied, showing his disgust at the tweet, only to be met by a response from the official 25th Precinct’s account showing further insensitivity to the situation. An apology was later issued.

Thomas harnisch NYPD Twitter fail

Twitter response to NYPD Thomas Harnisch tweetNYPD tweet from Thomas Harnisch

Thomas Harnisch apologises on Twitter

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Beefy hacked

Ian Botham (Beefy), former England cricketer, had his account hacked back in August, and the hacker shared a graphic image with the world. It’s not pleasant, so I won’t be sharing it here, but he quickly regained control of his account and deleted the offensive tweet. It had already been retweeted too many times, and tweets about the image made it a trending topic on Twitter.

Ian Botham hacked on Twitter Ian Botham trends on Twitter

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Rio’s punished

Former England defender, Rio Ferdinand, was found guilty of misconduct by the FA following a tweet he published in September. The tweet was in response to a user who hoped QPR (Ferdinand’s current club), would sign a good centre back (Ferdinand’s position).

Rio Ferdinand tweet gets him fined and banned

The tweet saw the defender receive a 3 match ban and a £25,000 fine. He was also ordered to attend an education programme.

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The release of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie in Australia was scheduled for 9/11. Twitter took offense at the promotional poster tweeted by Paramount Pictures Australia, given the significance of the date. The scene was one of a burning skyscraper in the background – an acute reminder of the 9/11 atrocity for many tweeters it seems. The company removed the image and issued an apology.

Paramount tweet Turtles 9-11 gaffe Twitter response to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tweet

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DiGiorno’s hashtag hijack fail

DiGiorno Pizza really need to learn to read up on a hashtag and understand the meaning behind it before attempting to hijack it for commercial gain. They clearly didn’t do this when they decided to tweet using the hashtag #WhyIStayed back in September.

The hashtag was actually being used by victims of domestic abuse to tell their stories about why they stayed in the abusive relationships. DiGiorno swiftly deleted the offending tweet and issued an apology.

DiGiorno #WhyIStayed Twitter fail digiorno-whyistayed-tweet-apology

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Patriots automation goes racist

Automation can be a valuable time and resource saving tool on social media, but when it goes wrong, it can be catastrophic. I’ve harped on before about how automating your tweets can be dangerous, and it seems New England Patriots fell foul of the automation trap in September. They launched a campaign to celebrate the fact that they were the first NFL team to reach 1 million Twitter followers.

Users simply had to tweet using #1MillionPatriots to get an automated thank you response with an image of their Twitter handle on the back of a Patriots jersey. Problem is, someone tweeted using a racist Twitter handle, and the result…

#1millionpatriots Twitter campaign

#1millionpatriots racist Twitter fail

New England Patriots Twitter apology


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Donald Trumped

Donald Trump was the victim of a Twitter prank which saw him tweet a picture of notorious serial killers Fred and Rosemary West. One user asked Trump to retweet the image, claiming the couple were his dead parents, who were inspired by the billionaire. Trump was left looking the fool.

Donald Trump tweet of Fred and Rosemary West

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LG red faced

LG France decided to make the most of #Bendgate in September, when the new iPhone 6 hit the headlines for a design flaw which meant the phone was bending in the owners’ pockets. The tweet translates as “Our phones don’t bend, they’re naturally curved :) #bendgate.”

LG #Bendgate tweet from iPhone

The problem was, the tweet was sent from an iPhone, as spotted by some eagle eyed tweeters, and it was this gaffe which made the headlines and left LG red faced.

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You say Malana, Naomi says Malaria

Autocorrect gone wrong is a constant source of amusement across the internet, and Naomi Campbell fell foul of the autocorrect mishap in October when she publicly congratulated malaria on it’s “Noble” Peace Prize. Of course, the gesture was intended for the real recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl and education campaigner. The misspelling of Malala’s name may have been as a result of autocorrect, but confusing Alfred Nobel’s name with the word noble wasn’t.


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Damn Autocorrect…again!

October seems to have been the month of the autocorrect fail, as BBC reporter Louise Stewart also became a victim when she covered the Liberal Democrat’s conference in October.

BBC Reporter tweets about Nick Clegg's execution

Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem party leader, was not executed on stage, nor anytime since.

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Man Utd “embarrassing” fans

The biggest football club in the world suffered a Twitter backlash in October, largely from its own fans. The club was tweeting about the upcoming match against Chelsea, and completely misjudged the type of content their fans want when the only comparison they could come up with was which of the managers was most searched for on Google. It was a cringeworthy tweet, and the fans really took exception.

Man Utd vs Chelsea Tweet about Google Searches re Van Gaal or Mourinho Twitter response to Man Utd vs Chelsea tweet

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Snob culture

Conservative MP Emily Thornberry was forced to resign after her error of judgement in November. She tweeted an image of a house in Rochester with a white van in the driveway and a St George’s flag flying.

The tweet was slammed as being condescending and snobby by certain media and other politicians, and Thornberry resigned a week later.

Emily Thornberry tweet about Rochester

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Twitter CFO’s Twitter Fail

Even the high flyers at Twitter are not immune from a good Twitter faux pas. Anthony Noto, Twitter’s CFO, tweeted what appears to have been intended as a private message in November.

There has been speculation that the tweet was in relation to an upcoming acquisition, but it just goes to show that no one is safe!

Anthony Noto Twitter DM fail

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Sydney’s social media “goddess” slated for insensitivity

Tweeting during a tragedy needs to be handled very carefully – we’ve seen examples of brands and individuals who have got it wrong in the past. The recent hostage situation in the Lindt cafe in Sydney was one such situation. At a time when fear gripped the country, and people awaited news of their loved ones, any hint of trying to capitalise on the situation or get any sort of personal or commercial gain or exposure would be blasted as horrific on social media.

One social media teacher, and self titled “goddess of social media” bore the brunt of a vicious backlash when she published this tweet…

Sydney hostage siege social media faux pas Sydney hostage siege social media backlash Laurel Papworth


Papworth is not the only one who has been criticised for her tweets during the hostage crisis, as 3 News in New Zealand have reported.


So there you have it, a review of 2014 in Twitter fails. Comment below to let me know of any I’ve missed.

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